Advanced World

Advanced World is the annual user conference which provides Advanced customers with a fantastic opportunity to network with other users, meet key Advanced staff and partners, and learn more about important product developments.

Public Sector & Enterprise Customers
19th & 20th October 2015, Manchester

Commercial Customers
5th November 2015, London

WebFirst - Service Availability Update

If you are currently experiencing problems logging into WebFirst, please be advised the ip address of the server changed on 25th June 2015 to This was to address issues with incompatibilities with the https security protocols and IE8 and Java 6. The URL is also now You may need to arrange with your I.T. for access to this ip address/url.

User Forums

Are you using the new, upgraded User Forums?

  • Users can “subscribe” to any Forum and when any posts are made to that area, you will receive an email with a link back to the relevant area.
  • Users can now upload file attachments to help illustrate their suggestions for improvement.

WebFirst - Service Availability Update

If you are currently experiencing problems logging into WebFirst, please be advised we moved to a new server with an ip address of over the weekend.

The URL also now redirects to You may need to arrange with your I.T. for access to this ip address/url.


Survey reveals just 2% of NHS clinicians and managers own forecasting processes

NHS Clinicians and administrators are still heavily reliant on finance managers to control budget and forecasting processes, according to a survey of more than 230 NHS finance professionals by Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced). The figures come one year after the launch of the Future Focused Finance (FFF)* scheme which aims to devolve responsibility of financial planning to budget holders.

Webinar for the NHS: Financial Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting using Collaborative Planning

This 45 minute webinar specifically for NHS organisations will demonstrate how a single solution can be used to manage the whole process - preparation, monitoring and forecasting.

Collaborative Planning allows your NHS organisation to adopt a new efficient way of working and promotes best practice through business partnering.

By attending this webinar you will:

Advanced partners with Mouchel to offer transactional finance services to local government organisations

Local authorities could cut administrative costs by up to 35% through business processing

Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced) has signed a strategic partnership with Mouchel Business Services (Mouchel), one of the UK’s foremost business process services companies to the public sector.

Havering and Newham Councils launch pilot scheme to share budgeting software from Advanced

Shared system gives councils a single overview of budgets while saving costs

Havering Council (Havering) and Newham Council (Newham) have announced the launch of a pilot project to share the same budgeting and forecasting solution from Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced).

The councils have joined together under a Joint Committee arrangement to form oneSource, to deliver back office services. This is set to realise more than £10m annual savings within the next three to five years.

Ten reasons why businesses should implement budgeting and forecasting technology

Software is key to helping businesses drive growth as UK inflation rate falls to zero

Businesses seeking to capitalise on the strengthening UK economy should invest in budgeting and forecasting technology to unlock further efficiency savings and help drive future growth. The advice comes from leading business applications and services provider, Advanced Business Solutions after new official figures revealed that the UK’s inflation rate fell to 0% in February 2015, the lowest since records began.

Using technology to embrace new legislation

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is the current hot topic in HR & Payroll legislation. With changes to how parents can choose to manage their parental leave when a new arrival joins the family effective from 5th April 2015, how easy is it for you to be compliant with yet another piece of legislation taking heed of the valuable lessons learned from the recent introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and Pension Auto Enrolment (PAE)?


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